MetaTrader 5 builds on the solid foundations its predecessor laid in the financial technologies industry. Discover MT5’s improved features and enhanced range of instruments with SerengetiFX!


    MetaTrader 5 keeps all the good stuff MT 4 had and goes beyond! It comes with even better features in order to better serve traders. You will notice increased number of instruments - as many as 1,000 CFDs! Now MT 5 can handle 7 platforms simultaneously! No need for multi-terminal version anymore!

    Trade with a single click! ‘One-Click Trading’ technology executes ordersinstantl so you can beat the competition! With advanced analysis tools you can now open 100 charts at once with 21 time frames!

    METATRADER 5 - Desktop

    Download the latest version of the industry standard trading platform MT 5 to your desktop computer and start trading now. 5th edition offers overall better performance and improved features compared to its predecessor, such as partial order filling and displaying 100 charts simultaneously. MT 5 is just as customizable as MT 4 and offers more technical indicators. Smooth user interface can be fully shaped to your taste so you can trade & analyze the way you want.

    Top Features
    • Trade FX and CFDs on commodity, share and index prices
    • Deep liquidity & market saturation
    • Supports Automated Trading (EA)
    • Intuitive UX and simple UI
    • Instant access and execution
    Download for PC

    METATRADER 5 - Mobile

    Access trade markets on SerengetiFX anywhere and anytime you want! Download MetaTrader 5 to your mobile device and stay on top of markets wherever you are! Download the app for Android or iOS devices to access all the core functions, managing your positions on your phone or your tablet. Open and close positions, get technical analysis and follow the latest economic news with just a few taps on your screen.

    • Top Features
    • Trade anywhere and anytime you want
    • Smooth and slick design
    • Intuitive UX and simple UI
    • Available for iOS and Android
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    METATRADER 5 - Webtrader

    Webtrader works with any browser or operating system without the need for installing the software to your device. The MT5 Webtrader is a secure and advanced platform, allowing easy access to your positions. All SerengetiFX clients can access this version of the platform via their Secure Client Area or simply by clicking the Webtrader link on the homepage. Webtrader has built-in privacy mechanisms and ensures a secure connection from your browser to SerengetiFX trading servers.

    Access WebTrader